Welcome to QPCOUE.

Welcome to the website of the Queensland Police Commissioned Officers’ Union.

The QPCOUE operates this website to enhance communication channels between the Union Executive and financial members. The website will act as a platform for sharing information with and receiving feedback from members and provide some information to members of the community in relation to the operation of this union.  The QPCOUE represents Officers from the rank of Inspector to Chief Superintendent inclusive within the Queensland Police Service.

Elected members of the Union Executive voluntarily represent the interests of members and sit on a number of committees and working parties. QPCOUE Executive Members are not remunerated.

The QPCOUE Executive seeks members’ support and participation in union affairs and it's ongoing endeavours.

Union members have access to important information/advice, current news and events under the tab 'Union News'.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION - EXECUTIVE DIARIES - Since January 2017 the QPCOUE no longer engages any business, including Emergency Media Pty Ltd, to prepare an Executive Diary on behalf of this Union.




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